Monday, December 18, 2006


Thank you to everyone who has asked to be a part of this quilt project. Patricia and I can't even begin to thank you for your generosity. As of now we are happy to say that all openings to make squares have been filled! There's a chance that one spot still may be open so we'll let you know if it open's up! Thank you all again!

Remember, if you weren't able to join us earlier but would still like to create a quilt Patricia and I encourage you to start your own quilt project, either for the Kim/Fleming family or for the various charities there are out there.

Thank you again ladies!

Lori we still need to hear from you!! We've got you down to make a square for Penelope's yellow quilt!

Almost filled!

Hello ladies! Just a quick update! We're very close to ending the sign-ups! We have 1, possibly 2, spots still open! Exciting isn't it? Well it gets better!! We had very generous offer from Meghan, who owns Z and S Fabrics, to donate the backing and her quilting services for both quilts! How wonderful is that? Meghan didn't ask for us to promote her site but I have to tell ya, she has a wide variety of good quality fabrics and I just spent $100 in her online shop! Her prices are amazing! I know I'll be back for more!

Just a reminder! We still need to hear from Lori B and Gina! Please email us!

Thank you to all the ladies who have agreed to contribute!


Hello ladies! Please remember that if you leave a comment Blogger does not capture your email address so we have no way of contacting you!

Lori B., my dear, if you could please email us at that would be fabulous! We'd like for you to create a block for Penelope's yellow quilt.

Gina love, stinkin' yahoo email says that we don't have permission to access your server for emails! We would love for you to create a square for Penelope's quilt as well!

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Hi Ladies! I just wanted to take a minute to welcome everyone that has volunteered for this project. Thanks to Shanna also for starting this blog, and answering all your emails while I tended to a sick family. Have a great week! Patricia

People...people who need people...

Ok ladies!! We're almost full! We have 7, possibly 9 (2 ladies are still deciding), openings for making the quilt blocks!! Exciting!! We still also need 2 lovely ladies to do the quilting! I know it's a big project to take on but just think of the cause and maybe we'll send a little goodie your way for the trouble! If needed, Patricia and I will attempt the quilting... After we get everyone assigned a block we'll send out a general email with the address you send to!

Thank you everyone!
Shanna and Patricia

Saturday, December 16, 2006


So far it's been a little slow in the participation department! With Patricia and I we have 6 other fabulous ladies (see sidebar under contributors!) who have already agreed to make a quilt block! We need more people! Go to this post to read the guidelines!

Can't sew? No problem! Use some iron-on fusible web! Get the kiddos involved with some fabric markers! It's a great way to teach them about caring and loving others! A few ladies have said "well, I'm not a quilter"; so what! I'm not a quilter either! I don't even know how to use my quilting foot on my machine but that's not stopping me!

Your block can be pieced, fusible webbed, glued (I'll sew it on it you need me to!), drawn with washable fabric doesn't matter your skill level!

Remember quilt blocks are due by the 19th of January! Loads of time to make one little square! I bet it could take less than 30 minutes to create!

Thank you to the ladies who have already agreed to help! We'll be getting the mailing addresses to you as soon as possible!

Happy sewing (glueing, ironing, etc.!)

Thursday, December 14, 2006


I've chosen my fabrics! Now I just need to figure out how I'll make a block! I thought maybe a picture of what I'm using might help spark some fabric inspiration! The "quarter flats" are all from Jo-Ann's as well as the solid; the striped I picked up at the local quilt shop. I'm not sure how I'm going to use these all together though! So far I'm thinking a little on the Denyse Schmidt here, here, and here. Now the fun part! Putting it all in one little square!


Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Instead of choosing a fabric Patricia's decided to make it easier on you all! The color choices are as follows:

7 month old Sabine's quilt will be pink
4 year old Penelope's will be yellow!

Remember that Kati is a huge supporter of Indie craft so we think she'd appreciate funky, modern pieces!

For some inspiration I'd suggest:
Denyse Schmidt and Amy Butler


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Comfort quilts

Patricia, after seeing a quilt I made for my mother, came up with the idea for us crafty bloggers to come together to create a quilt for the daughters of Kati and James Kim. These quilts will be our way to express our condolences and for Kati and her daughters to know that as an art+craft community we're here for them. Here's where we need you help!

  • We're asking for 22 people to create one, 12x12 inch, quilt block that coordinates with a boarder/backing fabric that either Patricia or I will pick out (to be announced); the fabric chosen will more than likely be available at Jo-Ann's. The fabric we'll choose for the boarder/backing will be complimentary to each other; same pattern, different color so that it will be easy to match!
  • 2 crib size quilts will be created! I will piece Sabine's quilt together and Patricia will piece Penelope's quilt. We'll let you know which lil' one's quilt block you will be creating so that you can send it to the proper person for piecing and so that you can coordinate with the color chosen.
  • Quilt blocks need to be in our little hands by January 19th so that we can begin the piecing!!
  • We need 2 lovely quilting goddesses (I'm buttering y'all up!) to quilt them for us; then send them back to us for binding!
  • We're also asking that if you'd like to send a short note along with your block to place it in an envelope with your name, email address, and blog site so that we can create a little album to be sent along with the quilts.
If you'd like to be one of the 24 people needed then please email Patricia and I at: (sorry, but the link isn't working!). You will then receive an email from us letting you know if you are a part of the 24 (first come first serve!). Please specify in the email if you'd like to make a block or do the quilting! If you are not one of the first people to sign up we're encouraging you to gather with others to create and send a quilt of your own, whether it be to the Kim's or to a charity.

We'll update this blog regularly with any progress and we'll let you know a.s.a.p when we've chosen the fabric!

We've all been affected by the loss of James Kim. Let us come together to bring comfort and peace to his children and to let Kati know that she's not in this alone; that the art+craft community cares for them!